Tine Heyse

Deputy Mayor @ City of Ghent

Tine Heyse is deputy mayor of the city of Ghent, since January 2013. She has been a city council member for the Green party since 2000. Currently Ms. Tine Heyse has an executive portfolio combining energy, climate, international solidarity and environmental policies. She is also co-president of Climate Alliance.

Climate and energy have been common themes throughout her career, having worked as a campaigner for Greenpeace for 10 years. Ms. Heyse worked in the cabinet of the Flemish minister of Welfare between 1999 and 2003 after which she worked at the Climate Change unit of the Federal Ministry of Environment. Before taking office as deputy mayor of Ghent she was the climate energy expert for the Green party in the Belgian federal parliament.

In her first year as deputy mayor Ms Heyse launched ‘Gent en Garde’, a food policy that paves the way for a sustainable food system for Ghent. Inspired by similar approaches in Bristol and Toronto, the City of Ghent set up a ‘food council’ chaired by Ms. Heyse.