Rob Hopkins

@ Transition Movement

Rob Hopkins is an activist and writer on environmental issues, and founder of the Transition movement. In 2005, he launched the first Transition Town in Totnes, UK, sparking a grassroots movement that has spread to over 400 cities worldwide. The movement tries to respond to climate change challenges with community-scale initiatives and proactive citizen engagement at the local level. Trained in ecological design, Hopkins is the author of three publications in support to the transition movement: “The Transition Handbook” (2008), “The Transition Companion” (2011), “The Power of Just Doing Stuff” (2013), “21 Stories of Transition” (2015). In 2009, he was awarded both the Observer’s Ethical Award and the Guardian’s Green Community Hero Award. In 2012, he was voted as one of the Independent’s top 100 environmentalists and one of ‘Britain’s 50 New Radicals’.