Marie-Monique Robin

@ Documentary filmmaker

Marie-Monique Robin is an award-winning French journalist and filmmaker. She produced and directed over thirty documentaries filmed in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. In 1995, she was awarded the Albert Londres Prize for the book and Film « Voleurs d’yeux » (1994) about her investigative work on organ theft. In 2009, she received the Rachel Carson Prize for her book and film « Le monde selon Monsanto » (2008) based on a three-year investigation of Monsanto, the agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology multinational company. Her recent work includes « Our Daily Poison » (2011) – exploring the links between red meat consumption and health, « Crops of the Future: How to feed the world in 2050? » (2012) – an encouraging film on agroecology’s contribution to our planet’s food crisis,  « Sacrée Croissance! » (2014) on sustainable alternatives to the current logic of economic growth.