Joost De Jong

@ Dutch Transition Coalition of Food Systems

Joost de Jong is an active member of the Dutch Transition Coalition of Food Systems* and contributes to as a free-lance journalist. From 1990 to February 2017, Joost worked for the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, with a focus on the EU Common Agricultural Policy, as well as Nature and Sustainable Food policy. He has also more recently served as a voluntary expert for in the areas of food, agriculture, nature, rural development, Corporate Social Responsibility and development cooperation.

* Made of NGos, scientists, experts and business frontrunners in the agricultural and food sector, the Dutch Transition Coalition of Food Systems urges for a fundamental paradigm shift to occur at all levels for a food system transition to take place. The Coalition contributes to the development of short value chains, healthy and sustainable diets, the need for a protein transition, greater transparency in the food chain and regenerative agriculture (circular and climate neutral).